About Us

MKM Property Management

About MKM property management service is a stress-free way to look after your properties, assets, and its tenants.

We are experienced and professional in property management, with extensive experience in the International and US property markets.

Our innovative business model integrates professionalism and flexibility. Our management strategy is unique and customized to fulfill the owner’s requirements. This flexibility also allows us to keep the relationships with a variety of smaller, cost-effective vendors, lowering costs and creating efficiencies without compromising quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to use the latest technology available to reduce costs and create more value for our landlords.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make property management an affordable, transparent, and an available service to every type of landlord.

The Team

We are trained and experienced to the highest professional standards, our staff members deal with anything and everything related to the smooth running and taking care of your property. We can take responsibility for some or all of your requirements, including: marketing your home, finding suitable tenants, assuming the administrative burden, collecting payments, leasing inspections, cleaning, repairs, and ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

Arpan Makam

Founder and President

[email protected]